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If you want your rights, your freedom and your country back, check:


The following email came to me from Jeanne Ingress, candidate for Congress in District Two on the west side of New Hampshire.  Jeanne is all over the mortgage fraud going on in the  country, and will defend you from bogus foreclosures.

She is on the forward edge in matters pertaining to how to return this country to it's original common law status.

If you want to elect someone who will,  for sure, make a difference, contact Jeanne Ingress (jingresss@gmail.com), and volunteer.  She needs donations for signs and literature, and volunteers to collect 1,500 signatures for her to be on the ballot as an independent.  Even if you are not domiciled in the district, if you help her, you will help yourself.

Here is her email.

I'd say his big mistake is citing & going into court as a 14th Amendment citizen.  That makes him a citizen slave and it makes his children chattel of the state.  He should check out the following 3 inter-connected websites for an in depth explanation (as should everyone you know, including yourself):


The reason for this is to take yourself out of your slave status and return to original jursidiction of the original organic constitution, valid only through the original (hidden) 13th amendment.  This is all explained in the documents, which I believe are brilliantly construed.  If you don't already have a certified copy of your birth certificate and a copy of your social security card with the red account number on it, you need to get those for yourself and your children asap, because you'll need that information to fill out the docs.

The documents to file are found on the notice-recipient site, where for $20 you can plug in your information and they will send back all the proper filings with your data filled in.  All you need to do from there is to follow the instructions, copy, paste & format everything into word docs, sign, seal and notarize where stated and send them off to all the appropriate places by certified, return-receipt-requested mail.  By doing this you are settling your account and helping to pay down the national debt (this is all explained), so the more people who do this, the quicker we will get out of being a debtor nation, and back to our sovereign status.

When the docs are completed and sent where stated, you then need to make extra copies of everything to send off to the courts and judges c/o the courts for any case you're involved in, and to any credit card companies, banks or whoever else is coming after you.  By sending this to the judge, c/o the court, it puts you into private communication with the judge wherein you stand on original jurisdiction as one of the sovereign people and can then issue your orders, and tell them what they must do ~ i.e., release your "property" (your children) back to the living status family with no further interference from the state. 

The Notice-Recipient papers will include a separate letter that goes with these additional mailings, stating that you are not the executor or the trustee, but the beneficiary of the estate, and that all accounts are now being settled.  Since you, as the beneficiary, are not qualified to speak on behalf of the estate, if they have a valid claim against you, they need to take it to probate court where all the accounts are being settled. 

I filed my papers on May Day and am now waiting for my estate to be settled.  All we're really doing is taking our asset account, which was created from our birth certificate, and moving it from one jurisdiction to another.  We're all waiting to see how this will unfold, but there is no doubt that these accounts will be settled. 

The other thing I would suggest is never to pray to the court, which could be construed as blasphemy under all these Ecclesiastical law forms, since you should only be praying to the creator.  Also, don't use the word submit.  In other words, you can file or record your papers without submitting anything because you are no longer a 14th amendment citizen slave submitting to their jurisdiction. 

It's all in the words and how they're strung together.  We need to come out of the sea of illusion and reclaim our living status and we better hurry up.

I recently saw a YouTube video of a man who was surrounded by 5 heavily armed "police" who had his child in their police car ready to be taken away. He stood there saying all the rights things, and telling the police they weren't even Americans, asking them where they were from and who they were.  He said he thought they were from Europe (but I thought they were Russians, based on what I've been learning).  The police seemed to be agreeing with everything he said, even looking sheepish and guilty in their wolf clothing, and after about 5 minutes of this, they released the child back to the father.  It was really quite stunning and a reminder to us all that we better start learning who we really are and what to say if confronted.
We no longer want the privileges and benefits of a slave, but all the divine rights belonging to all people everywhere.  It's a learning curve, but well worth the trouble.

Have a great day ~ jeanne.

On Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 6:49 AM, Christopher King <kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com> wrote:
More to follow.

They can't hide it forever.

[Christopher King, JD, from Massachusetts, is a mortgage foreclosure defender, and quite a man...]

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